3 Cozy Recipes for Fall 

Hey, hey! I just wrapped up parent teacher conferences yesterday and have the day off. I thought I might take a break from grading papers (okay, and simultaneously watching The Real Housewives of Orange County…shamelessly) and share a couple of recipes I’ve been loving lately.

I love to bake when fall comes around. Actually, I love to bake all the time, but when fall comes, I bake even more!

The first recipe is from Oh She Glows. It’s a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. I alternate this recipe and actually make it not vegan. I use this recipe when I don’t have any eggs on hand, but still want cookies. Being able to eat the cookie dough knowing you’re not ingesting raw egg is obviously a perk.

I alternate the recipe by using regular butter and regular flour. AKA I make it less “healthy,” but fake butter and wheat flour don’t sit well in my stomach. Oh, and I use the all butter version- not the version with oil.

I love these cookies SO MUCH! They come out thick, crispy on the outside, and soft in the center. Yum.

The second recipe I love is this Simply Recipes banana bread. I love it because it doesn’t use a ton of sugar and it’s super easy! I prefer it toasted and buttered. Like…my mouth is watering thinking about it.

I let my bananas get brown sometimes just so I have an excuse to bake this bread! Speaking of brown bananas, make sure they’re BROWN. It adds natural sweetness to the bread.

The last recipe I love around this time of year is pumpkin coconut creamer. I don’t really have a recipe or follow one for this stuff, but this one sounds pretty close to what I do. I just add spices and sweetness and pumpkin until I’m perfectly satisfied with the taste.

It’s delicious and full of healthy fats. If I’m not ready for breakfast in the morning, but need something to hold me over, I use a tablespoon of this creamer and a scoop of collagen in my coffee. It’s seriously delicious!

Side note: Find a cute jar to store it in. I use this Shato creamer jar. It keeps for at least a week, and it fits in the fridge door just perfectly.


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