PSA on Natural Deodorant 

I’m always trying to eat as nutritiously as possible, but it’s equally important to focus on what you’re applying to your skin. Recently, I’ve been more intentional about checking ingredient lists on skin care products. I’ve made a couple of easy swaps by using sunflower oil as moisturizer, and using companies like Honest for sunscreen.

Deodorant is something that’s been on my radar for some time, but I never actually made a switch. I’m never going completely au natural (as in skipping it all together…no thanks), but I have been on a hunt for something more organic and natural. Specifically, one that doesn’t contain aluminum and parabens.

I’ve tried at least 4 or 5 brands and they just DID NOT WORK. I kept seeing and hearing about a brand called Primally Pure. It came highly recommended by many, but I couldn’t justify spending $12 on their deodorant (I’m a frugal shopper).


Unfortunately, I ended up wasting even more money by trying to find something that worked for under $5 (and failing). Then, I noticed Lexi from Lexis Clean Kitchen, offered a promo code for free a free lip balm with purchase. NOW, it was worth it (I love anything free).
Lip Balm

This one actually works! Really well! Even after teaching 2 HIIT classes at the gym and then working out. I’m so happy with the lavender scented deodorant and the cocoa lip balm smells so yummy!


If you’re looking for a way to easily swap out a toxic beauty product for something better for your ski, start with this deodorant. It’s such an easy swap and I think the benefits are so incredibly worth the $12.



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