Ultimate Soup and Sammy

Did you know that yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Day!? I happen to be married to the 2nd biggest fan of grilled cheese sandwiches (I’m the first). Right now I’m not eating much gluten or dairy so I whipped up a mean grilled cheese with BBQ pulled pork for Kevin {food is my love language}. It was the perfect match for some tomato soup I made the other day.


The kids at my school get free and reduced lunch and with that comes a couple of afternoon snacks. When the snack is strawberries, or carrots, or pineapple- nothing is leftover.

But when it’s raw beets or sweet potatoes or cherry tomatoes- there’s always A TON left. Being a fan of food, I take whatever is leftover home and find a recipe to make. When I was left with a ton of beets, I made these fritters and ate them throughout the week {over greens, with eggs, dipped in tahini sauce, plain}….SO GOOD!

Anyway, last week the abundant veggie was cherry tomatoes. I had no other choice but to make one of two things- spaghetti sauce or tomato soup. I went with the latter and I’m so glad I did. I looked over a few recipes for tomato soup but nothing really screamed MAKE ME! So, I just went with my gut and through it together. It worked!
I roasted all the cherry tomatoes, a red onion (large chopped pieces) and a heaping tablespoon of garlic onto a sheet pan. Roasted them in a 425 degree oven with a bunch of olive oil (don’t be shy) for about 30 minutes. They weren’t quite as caramelized as I wanted, so I turned up the heat to 450 for another 5-10 minutes and took them out when they looked like this…

Next, these little guys went into my Vitamix {thanks for the gift, mom} where they were greeted with a whole carton of beef broth (unsalted). I also ended up throwing in 2 whole roasted carrots I had left in the refrigerator. I thought the flavors would blend well. I tossed in some salt and pepper and blended until smooth.

I then lived vicariously through Kevin while he ate his BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. It was gooey and sweet and savory and perfectly browned (#jelly). It’s super easy and quick to make. I use french bread slices. I used a few slices of raw cheddar and topped it with the BBQ pulled pork before squishing it with the other slice of bread. I squished it because it was quite thick. The bread needed to be squished. I cooked it on a pan that was hot and smothered with butter {yum}. Cook until browned and delish.


I think I’ll do a post on my pulled pork because it’s something we use all the time. We mostly use it for carnitas (as seen in my salad below). But ever once in a while I’ll mix it up with some BBQ sauce for Kev.


Also, if you’re looking for dessert…

These quite possibly could be the best cookies of all time. Watch the time closely because they’re best when just browned (aka not TOO brown).

Or, if you’re looking for a healthier option, try this Cashew Skillet Cookie out. It’s kind of high in fat, but good fats. And not too high in sugar. When I baked mine, it didn’t hold too well, so I ended up refrigerating it and eating from the fridge. Then, I ended up rolling the dough up into little balls…kind of like donut holes. It’s still really good.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


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