Well, our football season has come to an end folks. It’s been an incredibly fun experience going to the games regularly. We’ve taken friends and family, met new friends, and perfected the art of tailgating (okay, not perfected,but practiced).

When we first told people that we were moving to KC we got a lot of interesting reactions. Some thought we were moving to KC strictly FOR the Chiefs, which is not at all the case. The Chiefs are the reason we first visited KC, but then KC spoke for itself, and we knew we could call this place home (for many reasons).

I grew up with football and have always loved watching it, going to games, getting together with friends and family, eating food while cheering on our teams…it’s a culture that I love to be a part of. Although Kevin’s love for football definitely runs deeper than mine, I’m more than happy to spend the season attending football games (rain or shine) with him, and everyone we spend them with. It’s an incredible experience!

So, with the end of our season behind us, here are some photos from the year.

It’s been fun, Arrowhead. See ya next year!



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