Workout Wednesday

Hey there! Hope you’re having a fantastic HUMP DAY! I can’t believe how fast the days fly by. With that being said, Kevin and I are really looking forward to our Thanksgiving break. It’s definitely one of the perks of being teachers together. He’s all done with football, too, so that’s been nice.

When it’s cold and dark in the mornings here, boy is it tough to roll out of bed for a workout. I always feel better when I do, though. I try to keep that in mind at 5am.

I wanted to share a couple of workout links I’ve been loving and also a couple of workouts I made up on the fly and wanted to share.

Put on some new music tomorrow and get after it!

Insane Cardio: I really haven’t been in the mood for steady state runs lately, so I’ve been doing more cardio on the treadmill. This one is challenging, but manageable and the intervals change often so I’m never bored. I love these girls. They have a ton of free workouts on their website, so definitely check it out. Some are short and sweet and others really kick my butt.

Weights: This is a really great gym routine that I’ve been adding back to my workout lists lately. I tried to do the whole 6 week program, but I got bored. It’s the same routine the whole time (lame). However, I like to add it in once or twice a week when I’m really feeling like lifting.

So, like I said, it’s been hard to stay motivated in the dark and cold mornings. One thing that has helped me stick with it lately is creating my own workouts based on what I’m feeling for the day.

Last time my future sister in law was out here (hey, Kam!), she just threw together a circuit for us no problem. It was challenging, quick to plan, and fun (probably because she was there to do it with me).

It was cool to see how easy it can be to throw together a circuit. She’s an expert and needs to be a personal trainer, but it definitely inspired me to get creative in my gym routine.

Here are a couple of the routines I’ve put together.

Workout 1

200 meter run

20 dead lifts

20 squat jumps

12 lunge chop (each side)

repeat 2-3x

30 russian twists

24 reverse crunch

20 bench jumps

repeat 2-3x

Workout 2

200 meter run

20 squat and press

20 walking, single arm, OH dumbbell lunges (switch arms halfway)

12 single leg dead lift 

repeat 2-3x

30 oblique plank

24 in and outs

20 burpees

repeat 2-3x


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