Hey there! Happy Hump Day! So, we still love KC, in case you were wondering. It’s great so far. The heat and random thunderstorms haven’t scared us away. In fact, we love the thunderstorms. We did have a nice little reunion with family due to our weekend in LA for Cory’s (brother-in-law) wedding. Can we just talk about that for a moment? Holy Toledo.

It was an amazing weekend full of love and celebration of an awesome couple. They are literally perfect for each other. Oh my goodness. On top of that, the Natural History Museum makes a breathtaking venue. We danced the night away next to friends, family, and dinosaurs. Can you beat that?

I’m so happy to have gained such an awesome, driven, fun, and beautiful (inside and out), sister-in-law. Thanks, Cory!

When we got back we had to dive head first into some district training. Woop woop! We have been attending what our district calls “New Teacher Academy”(NTA) over the last three days.

It’s the nuts and bolts, as well as the nitty gritty, of our new school district. I have to say, it’s been fun being in the same district as him! We get to endure the same long meetings together 🙂

I have been SUPER lucky in this district so far. I mean “lucky” as in I should go to the casino ’cause I’m on a hot streak “lucky”. I went to that readers and writers workshop a couple weeks ago and I won the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the training. It was a set of four cute little crate seats (like these) and a cute little colored pencil lamp (kind of like this) for my classroom. I mean, I won out of a ton of teachers!

On Monday this week, my table won $5 gift cards to Independence Square (near our schools) for finishing first place on a fun quiz website (teachers check it out). Score! That’ll totally buy me a slice of pizza.

Then, today, I won two more $5 gift cards to Independence Square (one for me and one for Kev) for the Twitter contest (coolest Tweet of the day). Our district is BIG on technology and Twitter comes with that. I’m working on my Tweet game.

Tweet{Couples that #isdnta together, stay together.}

ISDNTA was the name of the training…if you didn’t figure that out already…which you probably did…but maybe not.

THEN, after that, my name popped up for another little activity we did throughout the week where a name is chosen at random for a prize. So, today I got to pick a prize! Can you believe it?!? For those of you wondering, I chose chart paper for anchor charts. So exciting!

Also, I met a really cool new friend. Basically, I feel like I’m winning in all departments here. It was a lot of information jammed into three days, however, so I’m looking forward to an easy morning tomorrow. I fully intend on sleeping in, enjoying coffee with Chief and Kev, and then heading to the classroom to prep.

Next week will be long, and tiring, but I’m totally excited about it! #firstdayjitters


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