Hi friends! We have continued to eat and drink our way through this city, meet new people, try new BBQ, hangout at the pool, etc. Chief is getting LOTS of exercise. He walks or runs with us in the mornings and then we hit the doggy park at night. He’s a big fan. Oh! We also went to the Kenny Chesney concert! Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt opened for him. What a great show! We love country music.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t love Miranda, though. I like a couple of her songs, but something about her voice always made me think meh. Well, now I love her. She’s freaking awesome. Such a girl boss!! Did Blake really cheat on her!? What an idiot. I really liked him. Actually, scratch that- I still like him. I don’t know if all those rumors are true. I’ll stay out of it. It’s none of my beeswax anyways. Moving on.

Remember how I was saying it was totally feeling like summer? Fast forward a couple of weeks and BAM it’s starting to feel more like holy cow school is starting soon!

I’ve been attending a professional development class at my district office for new teachers this week. It’s on reader’s and writer’s workshop, which is not new to me, but it’s always nice to have a refresher course. There’s always something new to pick up. One of the reasons why I love my job is because there are consistent professional development opportunities. I mean, this one just happens to be required since I’m new to the district, but still. I love learning and I never want to stop.

As a teacher, I learn through these professional development classes, I learn through my colleagues, I learn through my mistakes and successes in and out of the classroom, and I learn though my students. It’s awesome.

Can you tell I’m excited to go back?

This is going to sound corny, but it feels weird calling my job a job because it feels more like a journey or an ongoing adventure. Just like life, there are ups and downs, laughs and tears, but it’s always interesting and different every day. And in the end, it’s always so rewarding. Like, wow look how far you’ve come kiddos! Fist pump! Go make a difference! Then I refresh and do it all over again.

I’m looking forward to having those meaningful ah-has in my classroom that make your day-to-day work as a teacher feel worth while. I’m looking forward to getting to know a whole new set of students, all while never forgetting the kiddos I taught the year before, and the year before..and the…you get it.

Yes, I’m learning all sorts of educational tools at this workshop- various reading and writing strategies to create engaging lessons and life long learners, how to create meaning in my literacy block, etc. However, I’ve learned a little about myself through this experience as well:

  1. I’m going to have new challenges this year that I don’t think I’ve ever had to face. My kids may come to school hungry, sleepless, sad, angry…and although I’ve seen and dealt with these different facets of little ones before, it sounds like they’ll be stemming from a much deeper place here. Can my heart even take it?
  2. I can’t wait to meet my kids and get started. It’s true that teaching is about strategies in the classroom, but in reality it is ALL about the kids and the relationships we build with them as individuals. I’m ready!

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