Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Yum. So I just finished lunch (in case you were wondering) and it was delicious. One thing I’ve learned as a first grade teacher is that sharing is caring. This was good, so I’m going to share it.

This “recipe” (can you even call the directions for throwing together a salad a recipe?) is adapted from a Tone It Up recipe. I’m not going to promote them right now, even though I think the girls are brilliant and I love all their recipes and workouts and lifestyle tips, but I do want to let you know that I didn’t just come up with this idea as I fell asleep last night (that’s sometimes wear I think about things I want to make). I swapped out the lettuce, nuts, etc. and added a couple of things to make it meet my current hankering for lunch.

I love the 1/2 spinch 1/2 arugula lettuce mix. The spinach softens the peppery bite of the arugula so perfectly. I grilled up some chicken and threw together the following to make a yummy summer salad that you should go make right now…and because I literally cannot get full off of a salad, I ate mine along side 1/2 a homemade club sandwich leftover from our pool picnic yesterday.

As my mother (and millions of other Italians) would say- buon appetito!



Mediterranean Chicken Salad Version 2.0

1 cup spinach/arugula mix

3 oz. grilled chicken cut into bite sized pieces (I seasoned mine with s&p, garlic powder, paprika and dried basil)

6 red grapes (cut in 1/2)

1 Tb. pecan pieces

1/4 avocado (chucks)

3 small basil leaves chopped

1 Tb. balsamic glaze (for dressing)


What’s your favorite salad “recipe”!? Post it!



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