Boulevard Brewery

One thing we KNEW we wanted to do this summer is explore all that KC has to offer and one thing that KC has to offer is Boulevard beer. They have definitely “made it” as far as the craft beer industry goes. They started in a small little building where max capacity was 35, and had to expand in order to meet the demands of their clientele. It’s now sold all over the country. Today, we went on a tour of Boulevard Brewery for Kevin’s birthday.

Immediately upon entering the beer hall we were greeted by friendly staff welcoming us to the “grand opening”. Grand opening!? Say what!? We had no idea. We were some of the first customers in their brand new building. They even had a photo booth!

We started off by exploring the gift shop, which was full of Boulevard swag and other random items (like salt, pickles, bread mix, glassware, keychains, etc.). After about 5 1/2 minutes of exploring, we went upstairs to the tasting room (duh).

The building in general was spectacular (that’s not an exaggeration). The architectural and interior design were planned meticulously…right down to the nuts and bolts (literally). Think refurbished wood meets metal meets brick meets subway tile meets greenery…a lot of different elements going on, but they made it work seamlessly. They even had cute, hand crafted wood caddies for the beer flights.

After about 20 minutes of tasting, it was time for their free 40 min tour. It was well worth the time. We really enjoyed the historical side of the tour free beer throughout the tour. In all, I think we had about four complimentary 4 oz. tastings. They were all delicious, but our favorites were the Milk Stout and the Tropical Ale.

We’ll be back again for sure. 


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