The City Market

My birthday was on Sunday and all I wanted to do was eat a delicious breakfast and head to the Farmers Market. While we waited to be seated for breakfast, we went down the street to Quay Coffee and it was ADORABLE! The coffee was great, cute little shop, Americano while we wait- yes, please.

When we got the text that our table was ready (yes, they text you) I was so excited I practically skipped back. We’ve heard nothing but great things (from everyone) about The Farmhouse for brunch and boy did it deliver. I had the Corned Beef Hash and Kevin had the Omelet of the Day (pesto, ham, onion, potatoes). Both were full of flavor, filling, and not too heavy.

We’ll definitely be back again. There are just too many items on the menu to be eaten. If you ever come visit us, we’ll take you here, okay? The vibe is very River Market (industrial chic if I had to name it) and the staff was super friendly (pretty much everyone is in this city).

Our next stop was The City Market (yay!) which is a one stop shop outdoor market where you can get local fruits and veggies, flowers, and also visit yummy eateries that offer cuisine from ALL OVER the world! I’m pretty sure this place even hosts concerts and other cool events.

Anyways…I had two goals at the City Market: try a beignet (or 3) from Beigneta little hole in the wall offering Cajun Cuisine, and also load up on fresh veggies from the local farmers (again, balance is key, right?). The beignets were delicious and I’m so excited to use all of the veggies in our meals this week.

Even though my birthday felt complete after this single trip, Kev continued to spoil me throughout the day. How’d I get so lucky!?



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