The Little Things

We’ve had so much fun over the last two days! Thursday night we went to the Power and Light District for Hot Country Nights (free concerts). The venue is awesome and we’ll be spending many more nights there! This week we saw Randy Houser and were able to meet up with one of the teachers I’ll be working with this year.

Last night we went to the Royals game! I have never seen so many gear sporting fans at a sports event (well, maybe at the Chiefs games). There was a LOT of blue in the crowd. The fans here have such an infectious energy and spirit for their team. Call me a bandwagon fan, but I am just LOVING them! GO ROYALS!

Our little apartment is starting to feel like a real home and not a storage unit. All the boxes have been put away. All the dust has been vacuumed. And all of our things are unpacked and put away where they belong (ahhhhh). I have always been a little nester. I remember unpacking after our move when I was a kid. I realize now that back then, I still wanted everything in a certain place. I’m even more particular today, but it really helps me feel less cluttered and scatter brained when I know where everything is. As we unpacked, I kept thinking to myself how the smallest items can make a home feel like a home.

{These are few of my favorite things}


Marble Soap Dish

Marble Candle 

Local  Shatto Creamer

White Marble and Wood Cutting Board

Copper Salt and Pepper Shakers

Le Creuset Serving Bowl

House of Intuition Candle


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